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THE ANSWER® to Hazardous, Toxic Chemicals
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 The Earth has been placed into our hands as trusted stewards 

To be   prepreserved in a  r dr duty to be gooway that assures a productive earth for future generations



   Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Odor Answers® 






 The Answer® Cleaning Line 


The Answer® Line of Cleaning Products  achieve its wide range of successful applications due to their unique formulation. The special molecular action in our products emulsifies-breaks down the "FOG" (Fat, Oil and Grease) which allows dirt to mix in and cling to surfaces so small  into particles that you may need a microscope to see them. The chelating, binding-up action that follows prevents the FOG from going back to its original form and holds it in suspension. This cleaning action allows our cleaning formulas to be used longer then is normally possible with other cleaners and easier to rinse the surface clean.  to to keep  

The Answer® Line of Cleaning Products  have been tested by an independent testing laboratory and proved to meet industry standards as being highly effective in cleaning common soils, oils, proteins, calcium, carbon deposits and other scaling substances.


You no longer have to compromise Green for Clean or Clean for Green 

Just because a product claims to be safe doesn't mean it's completely safe! And just because a product is safe, doesn't mean it's effective!  

Our complete line of OMRI Listed cleaning products provides a GREENER more Efficient Hygiene Program for any place of business.  


The Answer® Cleaning Line    


Approved for use in ORGANIC production 

Setting the benchmark for Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products of the highest quality and efficacyacyy 



    Food Processing    Hotels     Restaurants  Auto Repair 





Health Clubs     Schools     Clinics     Stores   




Cleaning   Sanitizing   Disinfecting   Odor-Control    Bior Bioremediation

 Our unique Electrolyzed, Alkaline, Ph Balanced formulas have been Stabilized and Specialized for all your cleaning needs. 100% Safe and effective. Strong enough for Commercial and Industrial use yet gentle enough for a Day Care Centers!


The Answer® Cleaning Line    





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This powerful general “All Purpose” formula was developed as a single source for cleaning in commercial/industrial environments. 




 Ideal for use in Mop-Buckets - Powered Floor Scrubbers - Automatic Jet & Spray Systems - Pressure Washers - Steam Cleaners - Carpet Cleaning Machines - Soak Tanks. 




 This mid grade cleaner is ideal for general "All Purpose" cleaning in less harsh environments, and perfect for daily maintenance programs for homes and businesses . 


Note: OMRI listing for The Textile Answer® is not required nor


Is a chemical-less anti-microbial solution with an effective rate of 99.999 against most common bacteria, fungus, mold and several viruses, including HIV1.and other disease-producing pathogens. 




 Is the go to choice of cleaning professionals for non-toxic odor control. From sewage treatment plants to the smallest household odor challenges, this natural product contains autotrophic, aerobic, and facultative enzymes, coenzymes and exoenzymes that safely and completely removes, not cover up, even the strongest odors.



    TOXIC FREE!      

Would you

You no longer have to compromise Green for Clean or Cl 

You no longer have to compromise Green for Clean or Clean for Green!  You no longer have to compromise Green for Clean or Clean for G



  • Our products contain no added scents or Chemical fumes. Ideal for those who suffer from allergies or are sensitive to chemicals. 


  • Totally Safe-Non-Toxic, Non Corrosive, Non-Flammable and OMRI-Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute. Note: OMRI listing for The Textile Answer®     is not required nor available. 



  • The Real Deal! - Green and eco-friendly products may be considered safe but many fall short when it comes to performance. The Answer® Cleaning Line   is Totally Green, Totally Safe, and Totally Effective!


  • Powerful enough for Industrial use yet Gentle enough for a Baby’s Nursery and approved for use in Organic Production. 


  • A Single Source for All Your Cleaning Needs- Means you no longer have to buy or store multiple cleaning products. The Answer® Cleaning Line   consists of five unique products developed to clean, sanitize, disinfect and control odors. Designed for use on a wide range of surfaces and environments, The Answer® Cleaning Line   will improve most all cleaning programs while reducing cost  and storage space. Note: In addition to cleaning check out our bioremediation products as well.


  • Biodegradable -  The Answer® Cleaning Line    is 100% biodegradable in the environment in the optimum desirable time of 7 days. This is very important since substances that biodegrade too quickly are considered “biostimulants” and pollutants as cleaners and substances that biodegrade in excess of 7 days are classified as “hard” chemicals and are hazardous to human health. Don't be fooled!


  • Versatile - The Answer® Cleaning Line   is “Ready to Use” straight from the bottle. Note: The Heavy Duty-Mop Bucket Answer®  can also be mixed with water for all your Mop-Bucket needs, Automatic Jet and Spray Systems, Powered Floor Scrubbers and Carpet Cleaning Machines!


  • Subsequent Cleaning Becomes Easier - Clean with less effort and frequency. Just a gentle mist is all it takes to achieve a superior clean in most cases and cleaned surface will stay cleaned longer than when conventional cleaners are used, saving both time and money!


  •  Doubly Efficient - With regular use of The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer® your drains, sumps and grease traps should stay cleaned without any additional mechanical or chemical treatment! When done performing normal cleaning tasks, simply rinse the remaining solution of The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer® down the drain and its unique ability to effectively clean continues to work and will Clean, Maintain and De-Scale all Drains, Sumps, Grease Traps and Pipe Work ...Therefore, you should seldom have to spend money on cleaning drains again.!. .!!!! ! 


What a convenience and savings!





Our entire line has been manufactured to work together synergistically to solve existing problems without creating new ones! We at The Greener Answer® welcome your interest and hope you enjoy our unique products!