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THE ANSWER® to Hazardous, Toxic Chemicals
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THE PRO-TECH ANSWER® has an immediate impact as it electrically strengthens and enhances a plant's natural resistance against disease and pests through conductivity as well as stimulating plant growth through microbial activity. 5.3 Billion pounds of pesticides are used every year. That being said, THE PRO-TECH ANSWER® offers the best alternative to pesticides and other chemical inputs by helping strengthen a plant’s overall health. Plants that are strong and healthy have a good electric system that repels insects and predators naturally.

THE PRO-TECH ANSWER® is a leading forefront of innovation when it comes to eliminating chemical pesticides. It takes on the duty of reducing a plant’s stress by building up its overall immune system to naturally fight off disease and pests (through foliar application). 

THE PRO-TECH ANSWER® aids in maintaining optimal pH. Too high a pH (alkaline), the more susceptible the plant is to insect attack: Too low a pH (acidic), the susceptibility to localized tissue disease increases. THE PRO-TECH ANSWER® was created to help balance the pH, as it enhances cellular electrical vibrations for improved soil and plant vigor and vitality — including the root & foliage.

THE PRO-TECH ANSWER® is an 'Electro-Resistance' product:

  • May reduce pesticide usage by up to 50%, without lowering yields or decreasing profit
  • Enhances a plant's natural resistance against disease & pests through conductivity
  • Helps balance pH
  • Helps reduce the 5.3 billion pounds of pesticides used every year in agriculture
  • Chelates or binds soil borne chemicals that cause toxicity to plants' soilhelping improvesugar/carbon to plants.

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