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The Odor Control Answer® - is the go to choice of cleaning professionals for non-toxic odor control. From sewage treatment plants to the smallest household odor challenges, this natural product contains autotrophic, aerobic, and facultative enzymes, coenzymes and exoenzymes that safely and completely removes, not cover up, even the strongest odors.

The Odor-Control Answer® is a natural biochemical product in a highly concentrated mass of autotrophic, aerobic, and facultative enzymes, coenzymes and exoenzymes.

The Odor-Control Answer® contains:

  • A complete system of microorganism stimulation

  • Various inducer molecules to accelerate the activity and rate of replication of microorganisms, such as beneficial bacteria, fungi, algae, actinomycetes, etc

So well balanced, The Odor-Control Answer® is able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, pH and other environmental conditions.

Our products may be used in operations that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program 



The Odor-Control Answer® helps:

  • Accelerate the decomposing and deodorizing of all organically based residues by dispensing oxygen and deriving energy from the oxidation of simple mineral compounds and organic gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, etc

  •  Greatly expand the process governing bio-degradation
The Odor-Control Answer® is a highly concentrated, multi-component, bio-ecosystem in a translucent aqueous solution. It is completely safe for use around humans and animals. It is not a masking agent, or chemical.
SIMPLY PUT: The Odor-Control Answer®  naturally stimulates microbial activity and replication to more rapidly breakdown and transform a wide spectrum of organic and inorganic matter while dissipating odor.
For odor & waste applications: Through manual application for all odor control and remediation applications, injection or foggers in animal confinement facilities, waste ponds, lagoons and holding basins; in municipal waste treatment facilities; and composting facilities.
 The Odor Control Answer® - contains enzymes, coenzymes, exoenzymes, natural nutrients and inducer molecules.
The Odor Control Answer® - is designed to neutralize odors. It reduces and eliminates odors associated with restrooms, stale smoke areas and greasy kitchens by breaking down the composition of odor-causing microorganisms that feed and breed on bacteria. It is also designed for grease traps, sewer lines, drains and septic tanks.
General Use 

Simply mix 2 oz. of The Odor Control Answer®  with 22-32 oz. of water (adjust accordingly).

General Odor Abatement: Spray or sprinkle mixture evenly over the entire area. For  larger jobs, a fogger, vaporizer, or mister can be used. Repeat application if necessary or whenever more odors are noticed. In most cases a single application protects a treated area for up to 30 days.
Sewer Lines, Drains and Septic Tanks: Pour 8 oz. mixture down drain monthly or as needed.
Grease Traps: Add 1 gallon mixture every 2 weeks or as needed.
Note: Only make mixture at time of use.

One gallon of The Odor Control Answer® concentrate covers up to 150,000 sq. ft. making it extremely cost effective!  

Consult your dealer for larger problems such as city sewer systems, lakes, and lagoons. 
The Odor Control Answer® - meets all published OSHA, FDA, EPA, and DOT regulatory requirements. It is so safe it has USDA approval for use under the Federal meat, poultry, shell egg grading, and egg products inspection program. The product is OMRI Listed  (Organic Materials Review Institute) .
General Usage
Floors  Fryers  Deli Meat & Bakery Display Cases  Furniture 
Walls  Refrigerators  Cutting Surfaces  Carpets 
Work Areas  Freezers  Sinks  Heating and Air conditioning Units 
Cabinets  Walk-In- Coolers  Toilets/Urinals  Septic Tanks 
Stoves  Display Cases  Showers   



Chlorinated water, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides will have a negative effect on enzymes: Use non chlorinated water whenever possible.


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