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 One of the most cost effective, yet cost effective fertili


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 The Best Coverage In The Industry!

Hard to believe that such a small amount of The Nano-Ag Answer® covers  covers so much land treats so many acres.

A single 0.08oz Packet the size of a tea bag will treat a 1/2 acre!   


   Weight (0.08 oz./2.7 gr)  


 A Ten-P ack of The Nano-Ag-Answer treats five acres!

The Nano-Ag Answer® is a concentrated formulation of a proprietary blend of ingredients presented in dehydratable to the plants. When mixed & activated with water, these microbes wake up and reproduce. The Nano-Ag Answer®  creates a population of BILLIONS of soil builders in just 48 hours ready to go to work in the field. 

With The Nano-Ag Answer®  farmers can feed plants organically at the atomic level and condition the soil at the same time by giving the soil the ability to create nutrients naturally by stimulating microbial growth. Conventional fertilizers inhibit microbial growth and drive earthworms form the soil. When this happens the topsoil shrinks. The Nano-Ag Answer®  restores microbial growth and the earthworms that replenish soil. Earthworms give off castings that make the soil rich and the plants absorb the nutrients--this is the simple process that builds topsoil. One microbe from The Nano-Ag Answer®  creates one billion microbes in a 24 hour period that produce earthworm-like castings, thus renewing the soil quickly. When this happens, the plant products—fruits and vegetables-- look beautiful and taste wonderful because their natural sugars are restored.


Product Info

The Nano-Ag Answer®    is organic certified and ORMI listed. It is designed to wake up, energize and stimulate the naturally occurring microorganisms in your soil, plants, and water. It furnishes immediate energy to microbial life by providing high energy, natural as well as a balance blend of water soluble trace mineral electrolytes derived from 8 different carbon sources.

It contains a complete system of enzymes for microorganism stimulation and replication. These enzymes also work with natural plant hormones to help plants reach their full potential.

It is made from a shale, leonardite extract that is organically certified and ORMI listed.

Ingredients include:

•          Humic plant extracts

•          Seaweed

•          Peatmoss’glucose’

•          Shale leonardite

The Nano-Ag Answer®    proprietary formula contains The Bio-N-Live Answer®   and The Carbon Answer®  , two liquid formulas of which were initially sold separately in (five gallons) and had to be mixed together before application. You can now enjoy the benefits of these fantastic products in the powdered “Nano” state of The Nano-Ag Answer® .

This breakthrough in technology drastically reduces shipping costs, storage space and the need to mix numerous products. In addition we were able to extend the shelf life. The Nano-Ag Answer®   comes in small packets (.08 oz.) that will treat a 1/2 acre of crops and in most conditions will be all you need to apply for the season.   Additionally, Nano technology provides quick absorption of the product by the macro and microorganisms in the soil. It can be applied with a hose sprayer, backpack sprayer, sprinkler, or through the irrigation system.

Use on field crops, row crops, grasses, trees, vines, lawns, gardens, shrubs, ornamentals, flowers, succulents, cacti, composting and worm farms.  Safe for use around ponds and water features. OMRI Listed.  

Pests and Disease


Believe it or not, pests and disease actually have a similar mission to what we are trying to do—restore balance. Unhealthy plants send out ‘signals’ in a sense, saying they are weak and need to be destroyed. Pests pick up on these signals and move in to destroy plants that are out of balance. When your crop is out of balance in this way you may see millions of insects move in to your fields. It’s fairly ironic that the common solution we have for such a problem is to spray more chemicals on our field which throw our soil and crops further out of balance and makes them more susceptible to damage in the future. The real answer is of course to bring your soil and crops back into proper balance. Nutritionally balanced fields have a natural protection against pests and disease. First off they don’t send out the signals that alert pests and disease to come and destroy, and second they resist any pests and disease that do show up so that it doesn’t affect crop performance. The hard part here is holding off on chemical pesticides and fungicides if at all possible in order to obtain the proper balance in your fields more quickly. 

By giving your crops what they need to be balanced and healthy, you protect them from many of the pests and disease that would otherwise cause damage.


So how does a healthy plant resist the potential destruction of pests and disease? First off, as already mentioned, the ‘signals’ aren’t sent from these plants to say they are out of balance and need to be destroyed. Another protection is the actual electric energy that a properly balanced plant has. This energy is in effect an ‘electric fence’ for bugs. Even if they land on the plant they can’t hang on and start eating because of this energy. Also, healthy plants can respire and send out sugars or other energy to attract protective microorganisms—unhealthy plants don’t have the energy to do this. If these protective microorganisms can’t be attracted to the plant and roots the plant becomes vulnerable to insects and other harmful organisms, such as some nematodes that will attack and destroy the roots. Healthy plants are much more protected from these kinds of threats.

Nature’s purpose for pests and disease is to destroy the unhealthy, out of balance plants. To minimize damage, don’t apply chemicals that throw their balance off and lock up the nutrients in the soil that future crops will need.

 The Nano-Ag Answer®  

 The Nano-Ag Answer® 

Also available in I and 2.5 Gallon jugs

Just add water



  • "Nano-Ag has made a +15-20% increase in tomato production. This is the best product we know of and I would definitely recommend it to anybody."

  • - Valley Tomato Farmer, CA

  • "I’m very happy with the product, it’s had a dramatic effect on our vines. We have all but eliminated any other fertilizers and pesticides from our program."

  • - Table Grape Grower, CA

US Field Studies

  • Cotton Farm, TX: Conventional fertilizer program yielded 12-14 bolls per plant. Field treated with Nano-Ag averaged 45-50 bolls per plant.

  • Row Crops, MO: Improved yield response +18% (or over $50.00/acre) over control. Measured 24% in row change in soil psi. Soil was clay loam. 

  • Alfalfa Farm, OR: Increased the yield by +20% compared to the previous competitive program.

  • Alfalfa Farm, TX: Yield increased 2.5 to 3.0 tons per acre. Crude protein increased +23.1% overall.

  • Alfalfa at Farr Farm: Treatment increased yield +5-6 tons per acre, quality up from 55 to 57 TDN vs. control.  Water demand dropped -30% & eliminated pesticide use. Benefits sustained for 6 yrs running.

  • Pecan Farm, NM: Pecan production for the “off” year in this poor production area was greater than the “good” production year.

  • Nursery Plants, OR: Owner of nursery observed massively increased root growth, including labor intensive poinsettias.

Soil Nutrient Field Studies
  • Silty and Clay Loam Soils, IA / MO: Increased bio-availability of phosphorus (P1 and P2), potassium, calcium and magnesium of between +3% and +39.8% over control. 

  • Corn Silage, TX: Treated seed increased yield +11-16% ton per acre with a +32% improved use of Nitrogen vs. control. 

  • Corn Farm, TX: Increased efficiency of salt based conventional fertilizer input expenses. The program improved yields +11%-20% and improved profitability from $47-$149/acre.  

  • Corn Farm, IA: Yield improved: +16.5 bushels per acre with -50% less nitrogen (Liquid N 28%) netting an increase of over +$40.00 per acre.

  • Soybeans at Hallow Farm: At both foliar rates, there was +$1.50 to $2.00 return per dollar invested.   

Technical information

NPK = 1.0 - 0.1 - 5.5

Nitrogen:  Natural Nitrogen is more readily absorbed by plants than Synthetic Nitrogen.  This naturally occurring Nitrogen is captured from the atmosphere and converted to plant-available nitrogen in the root. The Nano-Ag Answer® introduces and sustains the organisms capable of converting atmospheric nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen in the soil. These "free-living nitrogen fixers" tap into the 30,000 tons of nitrogen gas over every acre.

Phosphorus:  The Nano-Ag Answer® introduces and stimulates existing beneficial bacteria which "break free" insoluble reserves of "locked up" Phosphorus in the soil.  Agricultural soils with a history of applied fertilizers contain large amounts of insoluble phosphate. The Nano-Ag Answer® is able to solubilize these phosphate reserves leading to: increased yields, better quality harvests, increased root growth, quicker release of rock phosphate, and increased brix.


What exactly is it?

The Nano-Ag Answer® contains 3 components that work together to create growth and balance.  

Using The Nano-Ag Answer® introduces BILLIONS of microbes, each with a special job in the soil’s “fertlizer factory.”

These microbes breakdown any carbon source they can find, combine it with other elements (included in our proprietary solution) as their food and release even more complex nutrients as their waste. 

Plants, with help from mycorhizal fungi, uptake the nutrients and eventually contribute more organic matter for the cycle.


1.  BILLIONS of microorganisms

• Algae: selected strains, primarily in the blue-green class for oxygenation and soil binding.

• Fungi: selected strains, primarily to produce Endo & Ecto mycorrhizal symbiosis.

• Bacteria: selected strains, including humic and fulvic absorbers - others selected for their  enzyme creation and/or humification abilities.


2.  Sea Kelp

This slow-growing marine plant is one of nature’s wonder foods and nutrient sources. It is full of plant growth hormones that contribute to the energy nutrition and strength of plants and humans alike. 

Brown Sea Kelp (Laminaria Digtlata) cold processed, concentrated & dehydrated.


3.  Mineral Electrolytes

A proprietary blend, selected to give microbes the building blocks for enzymes and cell walls as well as a blend of plant oriented nutrients.

 • Humic & Fulvic Acids, Glucose & Carbohydrates, Lipids, Lignids, Proteins, and Trace Minerals  - these are the building blocks for the microbes to make more complex nutrients for the plants.



total Nitrogen (N) ............................     1.0%

1.0% water soluble Nitrogen

available Phosphate (P205) ........     0.1%

soluble Potash (K20) .....................    5.5%

derived from Kelp

other ingredients ............................   93.4%


Non-plant food material:  sucrose; kelp; diafil; dried yeast; humic acids derived from humic shale; water; a nonviable proprietary probiotic and enzyme blend.  No acid-leaching used.   


Product Label 

GENERAL, Colorado, Idaho  |  California  |  Florida  |  Minnesota