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THE ANSWER® to Hazardous, Toxic Chemicals
The Greener Answer

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The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer®  -  Developed for environments that require the most powerful cleaning agents without any of the dangers that are typically associated with such products! Can be used straight from the bottle for the TOUGHEST of cleaning jobs or dilute as directed for the best sq. ft. cleaning coverage in the industry! Note: Mop Bucket not included.

The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer®    is ideal for use in Mop-Buckets - Powered Floor Scrubbers - Automatic Jet & Spray Systems - Pressure Washers - Steam Cleaners - Carpet Cleaning Machines - Soak Tanks 

 Our products may be used in operations that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program  



The greatly decreased hydrogen ion concentration (high pH) and balanced ORP (oxidation/reduction potential – measured in milli-volts) of The Heavy Cleaner-Mop Bucket Answer® provides the necessary molecular energy for the maximum emulsifying and chelating action that is required to remove the oils, greases, protein, other substrate and invisible substances to which dirt, bacteria, fungus and algae adhere, and to remove carbon deposits and breaks down calcium and other scaling substances. 


The Heavy Cleaner-Mop Bucket Answer® excels in commercial, industrial and agricultural arenas. A safe and effective alternative for those currently using toxic chemical cleaners.

This advanced biodegradable non-toxic formula lifts and then traps dirt and grease molecules for easy removal.


Mop Bucket Directions 

Stop dumping your hard earned cash down the drain!
Add 8 oz. The Heavy Cleaner- Mop Bucket Answer® to 5 gallon mop bucket and fill with water (Adjust accordingly).  One gallon of The Heavy Cleaner-Mop Bucket Answer®  will effectively clean up to 160,000 square feet of floors! How is this possible you may ask? Well when using traditional cleaners you must dump the solution when it becomes dirty, dumping your hard earned dollars right down the drain!  The Heavy Cleaner-Mop Bucket Answer® is specially formulated to work for longer periods of time than conventional cleaners. Even though the solution of The Heavy Cleaner-Mop Bucket Answer® may look dirty its molecular action is still working and is able to continue its effectual cleaning action. This special ability of The Heavy Cleaner-Mop Bucket Answer® leads to an added cost saving benefit when using The Cleaner Answer® product line!  
Note: The Heavy Cleaner-Mop Bucket Answer® mixture can also be used with floor scrubbers  (Adjust accordingly)
  • Sweep entire area.
  • Swab floor as usual.
  • Allow adequate dwell time for penetration.
  •  Rinse with clean water.

*Effectively keep grout lines clean by simply moping on a regular basis 


Carpet Cleaning Machines



The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer® :  Add a ratio of 1 oz. of The Heavy Cleaner-Mop Bucket Answer® to 1 gallon of hot water as directed (Adjust accordingly).


Note: For additional stain removing power and spot cleaning use The Textile Answer ®


 General All Surface Cleaning    


The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer ®:   Use (Undiluted)  on surfaces such as sinks, Toilets, urinals, showers, walls, etc. Great for removing graffiti


  • Spray The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer® onto surface and let sit for 15 seconds or longer.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry as usual.

Note: Longer dwell time may be required for tougher jobs. Use at full strength. Do not dilute with water. 


Commercial Stoves & Grills

      The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer ®: (Undiluted) Use on Stoves and Grills: Burners, Ovens, etc.


  • Spray The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer® directly onto surface. 
  • Allow adequate dwell time for penetration. Up to 15 minutes may be required for tough jobs. 
  • Use brush to remove debris
  • Rinse thoroughly 
  • Dry as usual 

Note: No rubber gloves or safety gear required 


Powered Floor Scrubbers-Automatic Jet & Spray Systems- Pressure Washers- Steam Cleaners


  • Add a ratio of 1 oz. of The Heavy Cleaner- Mop Bucket Answer®   to 1 gallon of hot water (Adjust Accordingly).
  • Dwell time may vary depending on the job
  • On jobs other than flat surfaces, clean from the bottom up, rinse from the top down

Ideal for Commercial Kitchens, Meat Packing Plants, Food Processing Plants, Heavy Equipment, Commercial Garages, etc. etc.... 


Package Options 
2-2.5 gallon containers per carton. 36 cartons (180 gallons) per pallet.
Net Contents: 2.5 US Gallons (9.45 Liters); Net Weight: 22.5 lbs (10.27 Kg) 


General Use

Floors  Cutting surfaces  Fans 
Walls  Toilet/Urinals  Blinds 
Counters  Siding  Rugs 
Sinks  Grills  Carpets 
Showers  Furniture  Vinyl 
Sports equipment  Bamboo  Synthetic Fiber 
Stoves  Plastic  Washable Fabrics 
Refrigerators  Stainless Steel  Work Areas 
Freezers  Aluminum  Driveways 
Microwaves  Ceramics  Decks 
Cabinets  Marble  Siding 
Display Cases  Wood  Graffiti 
Deli Meat & Bakery Cases  Tile & Grout  Ink 
Fryers  Fireplace Screens  Leather 
Walk-in Coolers  Fixtures  Heating and Air Conditioning Units 



The Heavy Cleaner - Mop Bucket Answer® can be used on all water-cleanable surfaces. Though extremely active in a wide range of pH conditions, low pH environments may slow cleaning action.

Store out of direct sun light. Do not freeze.

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