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THE BIO-N-LIVEN ANSWER® is a complete system for microbial stimulation and works enzymatically with plant growth hormones to enhance a plant’s fullest potential. It’s a biological, multi-enzyme product that electrically charges, stimulates and accelerates beneficial, dormant microbial life (bacteria, fungi, algae, actinomycetes, etc.) to rapidly multiply and become more efficient in converting waste, compost, fertilizers and soil nutrients into valuable plant food.

THE BIO-N-LIVEN ANSWER® accelerates the decomposition and deodorizing of plant, animal and commercial residues by dispensing oxygen and deriving energy from the oxidation of simple mineral compounds and organic gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide and by doing this it accelerates biodegradation and stimulates natural plant growth hormones. It’s so well-balanced that it can withstand a wide range of temperatures, pH and other environmental conditions. THE BIO-N-LIVEN ANSWER® has proven to provide a more complete and balanced range of nutrients that will be taken up faster for improved plant growth, strength, and immunity, as well as increased crop production. THE BIO-N-LIVEN ANSWER® is so effective that is can cause one microbe to multiply to one billion in a twenty-four hours.


THE BIO-N-LIVEN ANSWER® is a highly concentrated, multi-component biostimulant containing a complete system of an ecologically balanced mass of autotrophic, aerobic, and anaerobic enzymes, co-enzymes, exo-enzymes, multifactorial inducer molecules and vitamin precursors of plant and animal origin.

Each enzyme was specifically chosen because of their effectiveness in meeting the needs of soil component breakdown and nutrient release. Among other benefits, these groups are most proficient in the conversion of ammonium-nitrate to nitrate-nitrite; cellulose degradation; fat, triglyceride, and protein breakdown; oxygen production; and pH balancing.

THE BIO-N-LIVEN ANSWER® doesn’t contains any living microorganisms.

DISCLAIMER: Microbial multiplication can be reduced or inhibited with the use of (1) antibiotics, (2) disinfectants, (3) copper sulfate in footbaths or ration, and (4) chlorinated water, high or low temperatures and pH factors.

 THE BIO-N-LIVEN ANSWER® is an 'Electro-Microbial' plant stimulator: 

  • Wakes Up, Energizes & Stimulates Dormant Microbial Life
  • Stimulates Natural Plant Hormones → Reducing Stress
  • Inducer for Molecules to Accelerate the Reproduction Rate of Microorganisms
  • Stimulates Anaerobic & Aerobic Bacteria to Help Transform a High Percentage of the Inorganic Portion of Manure into a Natural, Organic Form
  • Proficient in the Conversion of Ammonium-Nitrate to Nitrate-Nitrite

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