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What is THE FROZEN-FLAME COMPOST ANSWER® & what is its purpose?

The FROZEN-FLAME COMPOST ANSWER® is a liquid blend of organic electrolytes and micro-nutrients available to help accelerate microbiological activity in manure and plant waste composting, waste site storage, and other composting applications.

The FROZEN-FLAME COMPOST ANSWER® aids The Bio-Compost Answer, as it accelerates the microbiological activity within manure and plant waste composting, waste site storage, and other composting applications.

The FROZEN-FLAME COMPOST ANSWER®is a liquid blend of water, organic electrolytes, micronutrients and poly gluc osides. The homogenized polysaccharides as crystalline fructose and multiple glucose substances emulsified with multiple water-soluble trace minerals.
The FROZEN-FLAME COMPOST ANSWER® biologically expedites the decomposition of waste during the composting process, as microorganisms depend on its carbon sources to generate electrical energy to break down organic matter. It directly supplies the beneficial microbes the food and energy need to break down manure, plant residues, and other organic materials into a valuable resource–– Perfect topsoil.

THE FROZEN-FLAME COMPOST ANSWER® is an 'Electro-Hance' composting aid:

  • Directly Feeds Microbial Life To Breakdown Waste
  • Improves Compost Structure & Reduces Compost Compaction
  • Enhances Humic Content
  • Aids In Creating The Perfect Balance Of C:N Ratio

The Frozen-Flame Answer® Impacts

  • Increases soil organic and humic matter, and overall fertility
  • Feeds & energizes microbial life in compost
  • Aid to chlorophyll synthesis
  • Assists In Oxygen Production
  • Increased Activity Of Multiple Enzymes
  • Aids in the creation of new fertile soil
  • Increased permeability of cell membranes
  • Enhanced infiltration & water holding capacity
  • Improved development of roots & shoots
  • Improves compost structure & reduces compost compaction
  • Metal complexing & nutritional physiology
  • Assist denitrification by microbes
  • Participation in syntheses of new minerals
  • Reduces the damage from toxic compounds
  • Detoxification of various pollutants
  • Increases CEC
  • pH buffering capacity
  • Assists in chemical weathering of inorganic substances
  • Special chemical affinity for balance
  • Silicate decomposition by hydrogen ions of fulvic acids
  • Resistance of plants to fungal attack
  • Ability to scavenge heavy metals

Results may vary based upon your properties soil, water, and weather. We ask that you complete a soil test before you apply The Answer® product line and again after each harvest to see the products impact and potential.

  • Use Directions:

The FROZEN-FLAME COMPOST ANSWER® should be used in conjunction with The BIO-COMPOST ANSWER® to accelerate the composting process. Mix at a ratio of 100 to 300 units of water with up to 2 units of The FROZEN-FLAME COMPOST ANSWER® and up to 1 unit of The BIO-COMPOST ANSWER® before application. 

How is it packaged?

2 – 2.5 gallon containers per carton. 
36 cartons (180 gallons) per pallet.
Net Contents: 2.5 US Gallons (9.45) Liters); 
Weight: 20.5 lbs (9.4 Kg)


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