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THE ANSWER® to Hazardous, Toxic Chemicals
The Greener Answer


crest The Pro-Tech Answer® Impacts 


  • Increase resistance to disease & pests
  • Enhances nutrient uptake immediately
  • Increases Mycorrhizae → Reducing negative nematodes
  • Stimulates & feeds microbes
  • Enhances the availability of soil nutrients for the plant
  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Reduces crop stress & improves soil structure & compaction
  • Increases soil’s water-holding capacity → Soil erosion
  • Improves soil tilth, especially in clay
  • Assists seed germination & root development
  • Improves plant health & vigor
  • Improves both soils & plants vigor & vitality
  • Enhances cellular electrical frequency
  • Chelates or binds soil borne chemicals that cause toxicity to plants
  • Conducts electrical current → Substitution for interaction with light → Energy
  • Restores & balances electric life of all living cells
  • Assists in pH balance
  • Eliminate Oxygen deficiencies → Resistance to both dry & heat conditions
  • Protects against rootworm, mites, & other damaging soil pests
  • Acts as a fungus retardant to the soil
  • Increases the electric conductivity → Making the host plant unwanted by insects
  • Chelates or binds soil borne chemicals that cause toxicity to plants
  • Protects against root worm, mites, and other damaging soil pests

Results may vary based upon your properties soil, water, and weather. We ask that you complete a soil test before you apply The Answer® product line and again after each harvest to see the products impact and potential.


BROADCAST: 4 oz (.12 L) to 6 (.18 L) per acre.

FOLIAR: 3 oz (.09 L) to 4 oz (.12 L) mixed with 5 gal (18.93 L) to

 20 gal (75.71 L) water per acre up to 4 times/year.

 Dilute with water and apply:

Broadcast application. May be added to all irrigation systems.

Apply in the row or on the seed.

Foliar apply on growing plants & leaves.

May be applied alone but for maximum activity, apply with THE NANO–AG ANSWER®. Consult your Distributor for specific application rates and information.

Apply anytime. No minimum moisture requirements. Will activate when the rain comes or watering begins.

Apply to soil, to seed, or as a plant dusting.

THE PRO–TECH ANSWER® is packaged in two 2.5 gallon jugs per case. Net weight: 20.5 lbs (9.4 Kg) per 2.5 gal jug container and 36 cases (180 gallons) per pallet.