THE ANSWER® to Hazardous, Toxic Chemicals
The Greener Answer

crest The Mineral-Electrolyte Answer® Impacts

  • Enhances the availability of soil nutrients for the plant
  • Scavenges heavy metals
  • Assists plant respiration & increases the production & productivity of microorganisms
  • Electrically increases enzyme activity
  • Stimulates plants metabolism
  • Activation of metabolism directed transport
  • Cell division enhancement
  • Combines with sunlight & Photosynthesis to furnish metabolic energy
  • Improved seedling health
  • Increases soil water holding capacity & drought tolerance
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Improves soil aggregation, especially in clay
  • Aids in the creation of new fertile soil
  • Regulation of plant structure & stronger roots
  • Improves plant health & vigor
  • Delay of plants’ degenerate aging
  • Increases the Chlorophyll content in plant leaves
  • Restores & balances electric life of all living cells
  • Contains auxins → Involved in the chelation of iron for the plant → Improves plant health
  • Maximizes growth & yield of plants & crops
  • Relieves Oxygen deficiencies → Helps plants to increase heat & drought resistance
  • Aids plant tissues requiring free Oxygen for aerobic respiration → Providing metabolic energy to plant
  • Increases uptake of Oxygen → Increasing plant growth
  • Directly influences the development of enzymes & net enzyme syntheses
  • Aids In plant & root disease resistance
  • Influences ca ti on ---   - -anion (pH) balance
  • Chelates or binds soil chemicals that cause plant toxicity
  • Increases the electric conductivity → Making the host plant unwanted by insects
  • Improves efficiency of biologically active leaf surface to take in nutrients from air & foliar spray
  • Reduces plant stress by helping balance pH

Results may vary based upon your properties soil, water, and weather. We ask that you complete a soil test before you apply The Answer® product line and again after each harvest to see the products impact and potential.

  • Use Directions:

Determine amount of product required. Dilute with sufficient water for complete coverage. May be applied through spray, drip, flood or other application system.

Broadcast: 3 to 4 oz (0.09 – 0.12 L) per acre (0.40 ha)

In-furrow: 1 to 2 oz (0.03 – 0.06 L) per acre (0.40 ha)

Foliar: 1 to 4 oz (0.03 – 0.12 L) per acre (0.40 ha)

Seed Treatment: 1 oz (0.03 L) to 90 lbs (40.82 kg) of seed 

THE MINERAL ELECTROLYTE ANSWER® is packaged into a 2.5 gallon as a liquid form; Weight: 20.5 lbs (9.4 Kg) per container and 36 cartons (180 gallons) per pallet.